Vitamins and Minerals in Cabbage

If you ever tried a coleslaw you know how cabbage tastes. Cabbage may seem as not tasty vegetable at all and surely not beneficial for your health at all. But you would be wrong to even assume such a thought.

Cabbage is full of vitamins and minerals. And not just some vitamin minerals but very important and essential to your body ones. And cabbage is even great source of water if you don’t like to drink it traditionally from the glass.

Cabbage will add a great baggage of fiber to your diet and can surely help you lose some weight.

This lightly green veggie is full of vitamin C which pay attention won’t irritate your stomach, contrarily it can actually soothe stomach irritation. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant and immune system booster. It is a vitamin of youth and radiant luminous skin.

Step by step with vitamin C comes beta carotene which is better known as vitamin A. Cabbage is full of beta carotene.  Vitamin A supports your eyes, heart and improves the appearance of your skin.

Vitamin K in cabbage will prevent your arteries from hardening and heart from failure. This vitamin speeds the healing process and supports functionality of brain cells.

Calcium- cabbage has been always known as the great natural source of calcium. Vitamin K actually stimulates absorption of Calcium by your body. So you get two powerful nutrients from cabbage which are complementing each other. And you probably are aware of the amazing benefits of Calcium to your body. If you like strong bones and healthy teeth, you’ll like Calcium.

Phosphorus is also one of the components of cabbage and it is also very good for your bones and teeth.

Cabbage is extremely rich in potassium. Potassium supports your heart- the main muscle of your body which is often exhausted with our nowadays life speed and variety of irritants we have to face. This mineral also balances blood pressure and positively impacts cardiovascular system.

Magnesium in cabbage will give you energy and relieve stress.

And finally cabbage is very rich with folic acid. Folic acid supports brain and eye development, healthy pregnancies, helps women with fertility problems.

Cabbage is also known to fight stomach ulcers, help with anemia and give you radiant skin only to envy for.

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