Vitamins and Minerals in Garlic

Garlic has been used as perfect tonic for the body and remedy for various health conditions since the ancient times. We know garlic as vegetable that adds spice to our food and has a distinctive strong odor. It is also known for its exceptional antibacterial properties as well as many various beneficial impacts on our bodies.

Garlic is also very rich with vitamins and minerals which add even more value to the already amazing health properties of this vegetable ( some tend to call garlic “a herb”, but it is a separate discussion, not considered this time).

Garlic is a perfect natural source of vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 stimulates functionality of over sixty enzymes in our body. This vitamin is mainly responsible for brain functions and health. That is why it is a common supplement for overloaded with work, stress and tension people, for those who have problems with concentration or have developed signs of depression. Vitamin B6 impacts production of hemoglobin and helps making cells more resistant to various external factors. Though, it supports immune system with necessary nutrients.

Garlic is rich with selenium too. The combination of this mineral and vitamin B6 makes garlic the effective tonic for your heart and cardiovascular system. Some studies reveal that selenium acts like insulin so it is responsible for the healthy blood sugar levels.

Potassium is also one of the compounds of garlic. Mineral known to be powerful enough to prevent stroke and heart disease. Potassium makes muscle mass stronger and workouts less challenging. It  also may help you soothe irritability, dizziness and stress.

You can get some phosphorus and calcium if your diet is rich with garlic. The union of calcium and phosphorus helps you maintain your bones and teeth strong and healthy. Garlic offers one more mineral that is responsible for strong and healthy bones- manganese. That’s an impressive load of support for your bones, isn’t it?

And finally Vitamin C. Garlic is a powerful antioxidant and has amazing antibacterial power but when it teams up with Vitamin C, which is already incorporated by nature in this vegetable, it makes garlic just unconquerable for bacteria and viruses!

Don’t you wish you had a clove of garlic right now, right here after exploring so many benefits of it? Why get any other supplements if you have one so powerful, beneficial, super natural and cheap?

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