Best Herbs for Teens

When you are a teenager, a young adult with the open heart to new adventures, ready to set goals and travel through life trying to reach them you definitely may encounter some obstacles in the form of hormonal imbalance, stress, exhaustion, low energy, skin problems, etc.

Do not let those symptoms to interfere with your plans. Try herbal remedies that have been used for ages by the same teen like you to soothe some problems young adults may encounter on their exciting life path.

For skin problems, irritation, blemishes and oily skin you may try soothing Calendula, Chamomile,  antibacterial Tea Tree, redness soothing and acne healing Parsley. You may prepare tonic right in your kitchen to dab into skin and calm irritated skin. You can choose Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils to place onto affected with acne area. They are known fro their effective antibacterial properties as well as healing and anti-inflammatory effects. Dandelion Root taken internally in the form of tea may help you detoxify and support liver and kidney, purify your blood and bring anti-inflammatory internal relief. When the body is clean from inside, you have more chances to enjoy clear glowing skin. Often blemishes are caused by internal pollution or hormonal imbalance. Dandelion calms hormonal chaos too by stimulating your body’s natural abilities to purify blood and control hormonal levels.

Chaste Tree berry may help young ladies with menstrual problems. This herbs is known for its effective abilities to control hormones and soothe such symptoms as PMS, heavy irregular menstruations, cramping, even headaches related to menstruation. You can either enjoy Chaste Tree Berry tea or look for some natural supplements: capsules or extracts to take on the daily basis. It may help with skin problems and sensitivity too.

Additionally ginger may help with spasms and cramps and ot soothes your entire digestive tract if you like eating on the go and often develop indigestion and stomach pains.

And do not forget to support your organism with vitamins minerals. Zinc and vitamin A will soothe your skin and helps with immune system. Vitamin B Complex will help you stay concentrated and with strong balanced nervous system. Magnesium will boost your mood, calcium and vitamin d will make your bone an teeth stronger, vitamin C will support your immune system .

Try to choose herbs and supplements as well as vitamins minerals that do not irritate your stomach. You do not want any obstacles on the road towards your dreams. Keep going forward and exploring the world!

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